Third Century | Theresa Vail

Not many former Miss America contestants can also say they’ve served in the armed forces studied chemistry, learned to speak Chinese and have a decade of hunting experience under their belt—but 24-year-old Theresa Vail is used to defying stereotypes.

Third Century | Amanda Collins

Amanda Collins was raised to take care of herself. A black belt in Tae Kwon Do, she also has a carry permit so she can protect herself and her family should the need arise.

Third Century | Brad Thor

A rise in violent crime, taxes and institutionalized discrimination against gun owners motivated best-selling author Brad Thor to leave the city he had called home for most of his life.

Third Century | Corey Cogdell

When Corey Cogdell opens her safe, she sees tools that defend her life and a shotgun that has taken her around the world.

Third Century | Marcus Luttrell

The story of Navy SEAL and “lone survivor” Marcus Luttrell, in his own words.

Third Century | Chuck Holton

Well-traveled former Army Ranger Chuck Holton has a unique perspective on life in the U.S.

Third Century | Haley Heath

Haley Heath talks about her dual role as a hunting evangelist and a mom.

Third Century | Reagan Tyler

High school athlete Reagan Tyler talks about her experiences starring in “I Am Forever.”

Third Century | Aaron Reed

Shooter and former U.S. Navy SEAL Aaron Reed has lived a life of service to his country.

Third Century | Billy Johnson

Freedom-loving blogger Billy Johnson believes it is every citizen’s responsibility to speak out.

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