Anti-Gun Mayors Shift Blame For Violence Onto Congress

In reality, Salas and her ilk have spent the last 40 years hamstringing our law enforcement so that the bulk of violent crime now has to do with only one thing: Drug turf wars.

San Bernardino

Wayne LaPierre slams California gun laws that leave most residents defenseless.

Illegal Drug Sales Thrive In Baltimore

Residents of Baltimore, Md., are starting to see something new

Lectures From On High

A presidential change of serious import can hardly come too soon.

Applications for Suppressors Have Gone Digital

This should be old news, but government agencies don't always keep up with the times. Still, this is a big deal as people have been waiting up to a year and more just to get approval to reduce a gun's noise level.

How Seattle Is Using A Tax On Gun Owners Against Gun Owners

Seattle has passed a tax on gun and ammo purchases in order to fund anti-gun campaigns.

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