Choking On Schumer’s Iron Pipeline

N.Y. Sen. Chuck Schumer claims lax Georgia gun laws are responsible for an “Iron Pipeline” of illegal guns to New York City.

Cuomo Pledges Millions In Grants For Anti-Gun Projects

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that the state will be issuing $13 million in grants “to combat gun violence.”

Using Social Security To Separate Seniors From Their Gun Rights

How Obama plans to use the SSA to disarm seniors.

SB Tactical

Doing the right thing is the core of SB Tactical’s mission, and the root of their success.

Katie Couric To Debut Gun Documentary At Sundance

Katie Couric presents her film as “an opportunity to have a civil, productive conversation with the majority of Americans in this country who feel gun violence is unacceptable.”

No Surprise—Under Strict Gun Control, Canada’s Crooks Still Get Guns

Despite Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s calls earlier this year for stricter gun control, including new measures to counter gun smuggling from the U.S., a new report suggests that the majority of guns used in crime in Canada actually come from within the country.

Katie Couric Schools Stephen Colbert On Gun Control

It’s surely no accident she uses loaded phrasing like “gun lobby” and “tentacles” when discussing NRA and its reach.

Watts’ 100 Moms Versus 80,000 NRA Members

Shannon Watts and her Demanding Moms group rallied fewer than 100 people just a few miles away to change the world by watching a movie together.

Even Caught Red-Handed, Katie Couric Stands By Her Deceptive, Defamatory “Under The Gun”

Saying she is “very proud of the film,” Katie Couric inexplicably continues to defend her phony production, “Under the Gun.”

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