Milwaukee Gang Members Threaten Police In Recruiting Videos

Just a few blocks away from a police station, one subject brandishes what resembles a MAC-10 and says, “It’s MAC-aroni time. Police gonna get shot at, too.”

Armed Citizen Takes On The Same Gang A Second Time

Homeowner Juan Flores of Palm Beach, Fla., was at home when a man approached his door with what looked like a food delivery.

AG Sessions Has Warning For Gang Members

While America’s violent street gangs were largely left alone by the Obama administration to grow and thrive, the Trump administration is taking a different tact.

Proof That Nailing Violent Gang Members Is Key To Reducing Homicides

By concentrating on criminals instead of citizens’ guns, homicides decrease in Detroit.

Chicago Gang Member To Be Sentenced For Stealing Guns From Train

One of the culprits behind a massive heist of 100 new guns from a cross-country freight train has been convicted and will soon face sentencing. Unsurprisingly, those firearms were destined to end up on the streets of Chicago.

New Study Confirms Where Criminals Get Their Guns

Most gang members received guns from friends or through straw purchases.

Scene From A Disarmed Society: Teens Terrorize U.K.

A gang of teenagers brandishing guns rampaged through the streets on Tuesday, terrorizing bystanders.

Seven Deadly Hours In Chicago

In just seven hours Monday night, gang violence left five Chicagoans shot dead and a dozen more wounded.

MS-13 Booming In El Salvador

NRATV’s Chuck Holton travels to El Salvador to report on the violent, dangerous MS-13 gang.

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