The Two Jay Dobyns

Former ATF Agent Jay Dobyns risked his life infiltrating the notorious Hells Angels biker gang, only to be bullied and left unprotected by the agency afterward. Now seven Department of Justice attorneys battling him in court have been accused of fraud by the judge.

Austin Police Chief Fear-Mongering Over Open Carry

With open carry poised to become the law of the land in Texas, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo has delivered a bizarre doomsday scenario that he says will be the state’s future.

Of Riots, Reporters, Store Owners And Shotguns

On April 27, the Baltimore Sun’s Justin Fenton charged into a riot scenario that deteriorated quickly.

Crime In The Charm City Not A Recent Phenomenon

While continued protests in Baltimore draw national attention, a look at historical crime rates show the current rash of violence is less of an anomaly, and more of a slight upward blip.

Chicago’s Crime Problem Is Worse Than You Think

Chicago Magazine reports that the city continues to find new ways to underreport murders to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report.

Flipping Chicago's Murder Rate

Chicago police officials are reportedly “cooking the books” to artificially make murder numbers lower.

A New Day, A New Campaign

Moms Demand Action and Amnesty International have jointly announced yet another campaign to “amplify existing efforts to reduce gun violence in America.”

Good Guys Save Lives In Waco

Nine bikers died and 18 more were injured after fighting escalated around lunchtime outside Twin Peaks restaurant.

A Show of Courage in Detroit

Detroit Police Chief James Craig brings wisdom gained from the streets of Los Angeles and Portland, Maine, to bear in Detroit.

Just Makin’ It Up, Part Bazillion

Traphagan is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own “facts”—otherwise known as lies.

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