Vermont Anti-Gunners Drastically Outspend Defenders To Pass Redundant Law

After a long, contentious battle, the Vermont statehouse has approved Senate Bill 141, which would impose new restrictions on firearms ownership in the Green Mountain State.

Even Big Bucks Don’t Sell Bad Ideas

In a trend we can only hope continues, mostly out-of-town (and certainly out-of-touch) Everytown For Gun Safety and Gun Sense Vermont lost their bid to buy restrictive gun legislation in Vermont.

Oklahoma Governor Goes With The Gun Grabbers

SB 41 was a popular bill in the Oklahoma legislature, sailing past the House 88-4 and the Senate 39-7.

Colorado’s John Cooke: From Sheriff To Senator

Colorado state Sen. John Cooke recounts efforts to repeal gun control.

A Memorial Day Tribute

Today we celebrate the legacies of those who fought to keep our country free.

Why Can’t We Simply Carry?

National reciprocity remains the ultimate goal.

Positive Pro-Gun Sign In The Lone Star State

If Texas Gov. Greg Abbott agrees, government entities that post signs prohibiting the carrying of concealed handguns in areas where Texans aren’t prohibited by law from carrying them would be subject to fines.

The Road To The White House

Attendees at this year’s NRA Annual Meetings might have heard from the next president.

Nevada Bill Awaits Governor’s Action

Gov. Sandoval has eight days to sign SB 175 into law.

Cam’s Corner | More Proof Gun Control Doesn’t Work

Increased Baltimore shootings prove gun-control’s failure.

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