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The Armed Citizen® February 1, 2021

On the evening of Nov. 3, 2020, in Lauderdale Lakes, Fla., a concealed-carry permit holder was forced to draw and use his firearm to protect himself and another person. The victims were approached by two armed men who attempted to rob them. Fearing for his life, the concealed-carry permit holder shot at the suspected robbers, wounding one of them.

The Armed Citizen® October 4, 2020

A suspected robber in Houston, Texas, attempted to use counterfeit currency at a convenience store around 10 p.m., and upon being told that the money would not be accepted, brandished a firearm and fired at the store clerk.

The Armed Citizen® December 19, 2019

A bank employee was leaving for the night Oct. 2 when she reportedly saw a naked man charging at her. After she repeatedly told him to stop, she drew her concealed-carry pistol and fired two shots, hitting him once and causing him to flee.

Pregnant Woman Stops Home Invasion Attack With AR-15-type Rifle

“[The intruders] came in with two normal pistols, and my AR stopped them.”

The Armed Citizen® November 5, 2019

An intoxicated man wearing only shorts screamed obscenities and made threats while pounding on the door of a Baltimore residence around 1 a.m. The homeowners called 911 and told the man to leave.

Nebraska Man Armed with AR-15-style Rifle Stops Home Invasion without Firing a Shot

Armed citizen caused intruders who kicked in his door to flee immediately.

Gun Control Leaves the Disadvantaged in Harm’s Way

Anti-gunner infringements on our Second Amendment right remove the best way ordinary people can protect themselves.

Elderly Man in Wheelchair Shoots Alleged Burglar who said “Give Me That Gun before You Hurt Yourself, Old Man”

During alleged home invasion, the retiree fired his rifle in self-defense at a man with criminal record.

Armed Citizens Save Lives

Supporters of the Second Amendment know there are innumerable hypothetical arguments against anti-gun policies, and unending amounts of statistical evidence that show the abject failure of gun-control laws to have any discernible impact on efforts to diminish violent crime.

Nebraska Governor Would Consider “Stand Your Ground” Law

Gov. Pete Ricketts said he’d like to work with a state senator on proposed legislation to allow people to protect themselves.

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