Campus Carry Momentum

Nearly half the states have considered allowing on-campus concealed carry in the last few years, and a minimum of 11 more will consider it in 2015.

Friends Of Ferguson

When tensions in Ferguson, Mo., led to looting and burning of neighborhood businesses, armed neighbors gathered to help one shop owner survive the melee.

Mississippi: What Winning Looks Like

According to NRA-ILA, “The new NRA-backed laws will reduce concealed-carry permit fees, allow permitless concealed carry in purses and briefcases, and streamline enhanced carry training requirements for active military and veterans.”

Third Century | Amanda Collins

Amanda Collins was raised to take care of herself. A black belt in Tae Kwon Do, she also has a carry permit so she can protect herself and her family should the need arise.

Oregon: Recalls Underway

The “universal” background check measure under consideration in Oregon has many gun-rights supporters riled.

Cam’s Corner | Carthage Comes Through

Cam Edwards takes a look at the case of Sawyer Shepherd, a teen suspended for leaving a turkey gun in his truck, and what it says about the positive potential of social media.

Carry Unbound

The movement to drop permit restrictions on concealed carry is gaining momentum. See why more and more legislators don’t want your right to self-defense to hinge on a piece of paper.

Keystone State Gun Owners Rally On Capitol Steps

Second Amendment supporters converged on the steps of the Pennsylvania state capitol on Tuesday.

If Gun Control Worked, Chicago Would Be Mayberry

Gun ownership is way up, while gun crime is declining; Right-to-Carry permits are exploding, while gun homicide continues to drop. But have facts ever inerfered with the gun-control agenda?

N.J. Might Make “Smart Gun” Mandate Smarter—By Scrapping It

Garden State lawmakers are reportedly considering a repeal of the 2002 law requiring so-called “smart gun” technology on handguns sold in the state.

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