Committee Vote Set Today On Bill Gutting Louisiana Pre-emption Law

The Louisiana House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee will hold a public hearing this afternoon on an important measure that would gut the state’s firearm pre-emption law currently in effect.

VIDEO: Shooting Straight with Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson has a lot to say about what can actually make our inner-city neighborhoods safer.

Louisiana Falls Just Short of Getting Constitutional Carry

Gov. Edwards veto was upheld by the state senate.

Louisiana Legislature Approves Bulletproof Backpacks

The bill would provide schoolchildren will the option of another layer of protection.

Louisiana, Texas Moving Closer to Constitutional Carry

The number of states supporting constitutional carry keeps growing by the day.

Enjoy Tax-Free Gun Purchases In Two More States—For A Limited Time

If you live in Mississippi or Louisiana, Happy “Second Amendment Weekend!” Customers buying guns in both states will get a break on sales tax over the next two weekends.

Elderly Couple Fight Off, And Fatally Shoot, Home Invader

When a Louisiana man staged a home invasion, breaking into an elderly couple’s residence, he most likely didn’t anticipate one surprising circumstance—that one of the senior citizens might be armed.

Gov. John Bel Edwards Loosening Rules On Guns In Churches

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards in late May signed into law Senate Bill 402, which aims to increase safety by expanding access to armed security in churches, synagogues and mosques.

Armed Louisiana Woman Sends Four Thieves Scrambling

In Keithville, La., a homeowner was surprised to find four men on her front doorstep, all dressed in hoods and each carrying backpacks. As for those four men, they were equally surprised to see the homeowner meet them at the door, holding her gun.

Armed Louisiana Homeowner Thwarts Home Invasion

A Zachary, La., homeowner shot and killed a home invader late Tuesday night, causing the rest of a group of people trying to break into the house to flee.

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