Isn’t The Second Amendment About Hunting, Too?

The Second Amendment is about defense, all right – but it’s about hunting too!

NRA Instructor Schools County Election Board

The Board of Elections and Registration will remove its prohibition on clothing or materials referring to a person, organization or viewpoint not on the ballot.

Independents Lean To The Right On Guns

Republicans and Democrats are split on guns, but Independents favor the Second Amendment.

Amy Schumer’s Money Misunderstanding

Amy Schumer recently told media that the reason more restrictive federal gun-control laws haven’t passed in the United States in the last several years is because of “the money.”

Media's Anti-Gun Message Gets Jammed

Polling shows that public opinion in the U.S. remains in favor of Second Amendment rights.

Poll Shows Decrease In Support For Gun Control

You’ll hear a lot of unsubstantiated figures from anti-gun activists about how “90 percent” or thereabouts of Americans support their cause. Don’t believe it.

Schumer’s Approval Rating Hits 15-Year Low

Less than a month after he teamed up with cousin Amy Schumer to push for stronger gun control, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is already seeing results.

Poll: Americans Worry About Government Taking Guns

A recent Gallup poll reveals that almost half of Americans regard the federal government as a potential threat.

American Public Fears Gun Control Over Mass Shootings

According to Chapman University, 36.5 percent of Americans are “afraid” or “very afraid” of gun control.

Martin O’Malley Tries To Get A Leg Up With Gun Control

With Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders receiving far superior polling numbers in the Democrat presidential race, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is trying to battle his way to the top with his anti-gun credentials.

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