Texas Campus Concealed Carry Advances

Senate Bill 11 was passed by the Texas House just minutes before it was due to expire.

Maloney Unhinged

Rep. Carolyn Maloney is responsible for a recent flurry of egregious anti-gun bills.

Bill Would Protect M1 Garand Importation

The National Rifle Association is backing a measure that would reverse a State Department decision blocking the importation of historic M1 Garand rifles and M1 carbines from South Korea.

Bad Medicine

It appears that gun control supporters in the medical field are playing political games with statistics again.

New Obama Plan Could Strip Rights Of Those In Need

An examination of what NICS stands for—National Instant Criminal Background Check System—should make the problem clear.

Fighting Back Against The Latest Obama Gun Grab

President Barack Obama’s latest gun-control effort could strip Second Amendment rights from millions on Social Security.

Are The Bad Guys Winning?

Violent crime is prompting some politicians to propose new gun-ban schemes.

President Obama Against Guns From The Beginning

President Barack Obama told the BBC that his biggest presidential frustration has been his inability to pass major gun control legislation.

Fighting For Our Elders’ Freedoms

Millions of Social Security recipients are in danger of losing their right to self-defense.

Deacons For Defense And Justice

While many anti-gunners want to make the debate over the Second Amendment a racial one, a look back at our nation's history can be an eye opener on that issue.

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