Cam’s Corner | Carthage Comes Through

Cam Edwards takes a look at the case of Sawyer Shepherd, a teen suspended for leaving a turkey gun in his truck, and what it says about the positive potential of social media.

Freedom's Phantom Menace?

The bizarre and troubling story of an anti-gun coalition whose members we can’t identify.

How To Shut Down Digital Speech

A proposed government regulation could block basic online gun information.

What Draws Women To Guns?

Women are quickly becoming entrenched in every aspect of the shooting community.

I'm An NRA Mom

Anti-gunners see moms as a marketing tool to ban firearms. This mom doesn’t support that.

More Celebrity Killers Means More Killers, Period

NBC News says that reporting of dreadful events does inspire copycats.

British Press Publicly Shames Scottish Cop Over Gun Picture

The Daily Record screams of “KIDS posing with weapons” in its attention-grabbing headline.

A Man With A Plan, A Phone And A Pen

Obama intensifies efforts to “transform” America’s Second Amendment out of existence.

Teenage Boy Scares Off Home Invaders With Rifle

The brothers hid in the closet while the thieves loaded up a car with stolen items, but eventually one of them opened the door and found the boys.

Weird Science

Bloomberg funds bogus “science,” then publishes it in “studies” to discredit your rights.

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