W.V. Governor Signs Sunday Hunting Bill

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice on Tuesday signed a pro-hunting measure that will greatly expand Sunday hunting opportunities in the state.

W.V. Self-Defense Bills On The Move

West Virginia lawmakers will be considering two important pro-gun bills this week that were recently passed in committee.

Congress To Consider “Protecting The Second Amendment Act”

A U.S. Congressman from West Virginia has introduced HR 1976, the “Protecting the Second Amendment Act,” which is being supported by the National Rifle Association.

Four Pro-Gun Measures Sent To W.V. Governor

Four pro-gun and pro-hunting measures have been sent to West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice and are currently awaiting his signature.

Mother Files Suit Over Shirt

After her son was arrested for refusing school officials’ demands that he remove an NRA t-shirt, a West Virginia mother has filed a federal lawsuit against the school board.

Robber Shot By Store Owner In West Virginia

The owner of a convenience store in Fort Gay, W.Va., received a notification that an alarm was going off in the establishment.

Armed West Virginia Homeowner Detains Intruder, Stops Thieves

It’s a case of one burglary too many—and a homeowner who used his firearm to stop a gang of criminals.

U.S. Sen. Manchin Suggests Expanding Right To Carry Will Embolden Criminals

This week’s “Huh?” award for the most incoherent sound bite goes to U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V.

Idaho To Consider “Permitless” Carry Bill

Rep. Heather Scott and Rep. Ronald Nate, wrote the bill to end permit requirements for gun owners who are not legally prohibited from having a firearm.

Piers Morgan Shot Down By USA Shooting

The 2016 Olympics kicked off a week ago in fine style—with the U.S. picking up their first gold medal of the games courtesy of 19-year-old sharpshooter Ginny Thrasher. But of course, not everyone was happy for the Women’s 10m Air Rifle champ.

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