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Biden Bets on Gun Control for 2024

With the 2024 presidential election on the not-so-distant horizon, Joe Biden is set to make gun control a central component of his campaign.

This Mayor’s Gun-Control Comments Are Telling

This mayor’s texts reveal what anti-gunners really think about gun control.

Federal Judge Upholds Oregon Anti-Gun Initiative

Freedom is under attack in the Beaver State.

What NRA Instructors Are Seeing

According to the hundreds of thousands of NRA-certified instructors, the majority of new gun owners who hear the truth about the NRA like what they hear and many quickly become NRA members.

Gun Control Is Unpopular

Much of the mainstream media continues to parrot the lies that gun-control activists claim as truth. The reality is that when ignorance recedes, so does support for gun control.

Inside the War on Gun Stores

Instead of demonizing law-abiding gun owners and gun stores, the focus of our laws and efforts must be on the criminal element in society that has been allowed to run rampant.

So Kamala Harris is the New Gun-Control Spokesperson?

President Biden recently announced that Vice President Harris will be his “leading voice” in addressing what he calls “gun violence.”

This Senator’s Bold Claim Just Isn’t True

Sen. Chris Murphy has long made clear his animus for the Second Amendment and the rights of America’s millions of gun owners, but what does he mean with his recent remarks?

Does Hunter Biden Have a Constitutional Case?

While President Biden continues his repeated calls for gun control, his son’s attorneys are crafting a curious defense for the younger Biden’s actions.

Is California Set for a Second Amendment “Reckoning”?

Citizens of the Golden State may be soon getting back some of the freedoms they haven’t enjoyed in decades.

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