Anti-Gun Mayors Shift Blame For Violence Onto Congress

In reality, Salas and her ilk have spent the last 40 years hamstringing our law enforcement so that the bulk of violent crime now has to do with only one thing: Drug turf wars.

New O’Malley Ad Features Doctored Speech Clip

While there was a smattering of polite applause in the original, it’s very clear that the audience response in the ad was greatly enhanced.

Atlanta Fails To Comply With Gun Auction Requirement

The city of Atlanta is apparently failing to comply with state law S.B. 350, which requires local governments to return firearms to innocent owners.

American Sheriffs Rally Concealed-Carry Permit Holders

Sheriffs across the country support Second Amendment after San Bernardino terror attack.

Mayors Call For Accelerated Development Of “Smart Gun” Technology

A group of mayors and other officials have signed a letter to major gun manufacturers, asking them what progress they are making in developing so-called “smart guns.”

The Clinton Files II

How Brady used Bill Clinton’s presidency to try and end the private ownership of handguns.

Who Would Hillary’s VP Be?

Who does Hillary want as a running mate, and how are they on guns?

Shameless Bloomberg’s Sham Studies

Everytown for Gun Safety conducts new study with few common variables and no sense.

Hillary Or Bernie: Who Wins Doesn’t Matter To Gun Owners

Why Clinton and Sanders should spur gun owners to get involved in this year’s election.


So: Why DON’T we treat guns like cars? (Or vice versa?)

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