Texas Man Shoots Home Invasion Suspect

A Garland, Texas, homeowner is fine after shooting a home invasion suspect.

Texas Campus Concealed Carry Advances

Senate Bill 11 was passed by the Texas House just minutes before it was due to expire.

Texas Lawmakers Eyes “Permitless” Carry

Fresh off this year’s passage of campus-carry legislation, some Texas lawmakers are hoping next year will be the year for “permitless” carry in the Lone Star State.

Texas Woman Shoots Home Intruder

A north Harris County, Texas, woman used her legally owned firearm to protect herself from a home intruder on Christmas Day.

University Of North Texas Police Offer Calm Take On Campus Carry

The passage of campus carry in Texas has led to plenty of hysteria at places like the University of Texas at Austin. But up in Denton, police for the University of North Texas (UNT) don’t think it has changed campus life.

Texas House Approves Open Carry Bill

The Texas House of Representatives has pushed through a bill allowing licensed open carry of handguns by a 101-to-42 vote.

Professors Sue University of Texas For Right to Ban Guns in Class

Texas campus carry is set to go into effect on Aug. 1.

Texas Mom Shoots Menacing Intruder

A mother of three in Dripping Springs, Texas, was at home with her children when she saw an unfamiliar car parked in her driveway and a man getting out of it.

Texas Court Joins County Government On Ever-Widening Gun Ban

An expanded gun-free zone in a county near Houston is under fire from the Texas attorney general, as well as groups including Texas Carry.

Texas Judge Refuses To Block Campus Carry

A U.S. district judge has denied a request for a preliminary injunction in the case of three University of Texas professors opposed to campus carry.

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