Senators Stand Up For First And Second Amendment Rights

A group of 28 senators submitted a letter to John Kerry demanding that the proposed ITAR revision be dropped.

UN Arms Treaty Reps Approve Veto-Proof Decision Making

This gives the body a veto-proof process for making gun control decisions going forward.

Meet Allan Cors

Cors’ role in blunting the 1968 Gun Control Act and creating NRA-ILA can’t be overstated.

Details Emerge On New Anti-Gun Federal Legislation

Ed Markey announced a plan to require background checks for private transfers, closing what opponents misleadingly call the “gun-show loophole.”

Democrats Unveil New Plan To Pass Old Ideas

As promised by former U.S. Senate Leader Harry Reid, Democrats unveiled their anti-gun proposals on Thursday.

Kamala Harris: By-The-Book Anti-Gunner

For those unfamiliar with the anti-gun left’s playbook, Harris’ tactic is key principle No. 1: Always focus on emotions.

Standing Guard | Gun Control Is A Tool To Make Innocents Pay The Price For The Guilty

The responsibility for shootings lies on the shooters, not on society.

Senators Don’t Grasp That Education Should Be Part Of Gun Safety Initiative

Twenty U.S. Senate Democrats have issued a letter to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), asking the agency to issue a statement of best practices regarding storage of firearms in the home.

Do “Universal” Background Checks Reduce Murder Rates?

Some wonder whether “universal” background checks reduce murder. The short answer? No.

Senate Democrats Urge Executive Action On Background Checks

This week we saw 24 U.S. Senate Democrats ask Barack Obama to issue an executive order expanding background checks to cover some private gun sales.

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