91-Year-Old Man Stands Ground; Shoots Robber In Parking Lot

“This is a textbook case for why concealed pistol licenses are issued in the first place. American citizens have the right to protect themselves …”

Police Say Tulsa Man Shot Attacker

A Tulsa man used his firearm on Monday night to stop a man who was attacking him in his yard, according to local media reports.

Texas Homeowner Shoots Attempted Armed Robber, Sheriff Warns Other Criminals

“Don’t come into Fort Bend County and start waving guns around because you could leave in a bag,” Nehls said.

Maine Police Chief Laments Rape Victim Wasn’t Armed

Joe Massey said that the attack makes a good case for why citizens should arm themselves as a defense against crime.

Albuquerque Serial Robber Stopped—For Now—By Armed Seniors, Police Say

When George Kennedy, 70, found a man stealing a generator and power tools from his garage Thursday morning, he asked the man to stop.

Tennessee Senior With Gun Sends Intruders Running

Athens police arrested the three suspects Friday afternoon, charging each with second-degree robbery.

Heroic Husband Saves Wife From Robber

A 76-year-old Indianapolis man did what any good husband would do when his wife was in danger—he stopped the threat.

New Obama Plan Could Strip Rights Of Those In Need

An examination of what NICS stands for—National Instant Criminal Background Check System—should make the problem clear.

82-Year Old Man Shoots Intruder With Gun From His Nightstand

The gun has been on his bedside table for 30 years. It had never been fired. However, its 82-year-old owner used it to fight off a home invader last Friday morning, saving his life from the much younger intruder.

Shooting, Gun Ownership Skyrocket Among Older Americans

The number of older Americans enrolling in basic firearm courses led by NRA Certified Instructors has jumped fourfold since 2010.

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