Mark Kelly’s Twisted Background Check Logic

Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Giffords, appeared on “The National Lead” on Wednesday to push for expanded background checks.

Juan Williams Stokes Fear Of Machine Guns

Juan Williams intimated that gun owners supported expanding background checks to rein in phantom gun owners.

July Continues String Of Record-Setting Gun Sales

For the 15th straight month, a new monthly record has been set for FBI firearm background checks.

Maine Gun Control Proposal Gets Enough Signatures For November Ballot Referendum

Activists pushing to expand background checks for Maine firearm purchasers gathered enough signatures to force a ballot referendum on the issue this November.

VIDEO: The Importance of the NRA at 150

The NRA’s founders in 1871 may not have foreseen the political importance of the organization they created, but we owe them our gratitude.

PA: Record-Breaking Gun Sales In 2017

2016 was a record-breaking year for firearm background checks in Pennsylvania, according to statistics recently released by state police.

Legal Challenge Likely Awaits Obama Executive Action

President Barack Obama is considering using his executive power to bypass Congress and expand the range of firearm sales for which background checks are required.

Rigged Game

Nevadans are being swindled into “universal background checks” that are an invitation to massive government intrusion into their gun rights.

Details Emerge On New Anti-Gun Federal Legislation

Ed Markey announced a plan to require background checks for private transfers, closing what opponents misleadingly call the “gun-show loophole.”

Democrats Look To California Gun Laws As Model For Nation to Follow

Don’t be fooled, “universal” background checks are just the first step in the plan to turn the rest of the U.S. into California.

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