The Armed Citizen® June 29, 2011

Studies prove that Americans experience fewer “hot” burglaries-which occur when homeowners are present and therefore carry a greater risk of violence-because criminals in the United States fear being shot by homeowners. The notion was reaffirmed recently when a Portland, Ore., 9-1-1 dispatcher received a wacky call.

Eroding Freedom In Connecticut

How Connecticut's gun owners and gun makers are getting run down.

Covering The Screen In Blood

Harvey Weinstein announces plans for a new film attacking NRA members, claiming he'll make them "wish they weren't

Not Watts She Seems

Michael Bloomberg is bankrolling "Moms Demand Action," with Shannon Watts as his stand-in, stay-at-home-mom. But a closer look reveals her cover story to be paper-thin.

The Sheriff Who Dared To Ask For Help

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. isn't afraid to say what he means. So when he calls armed citizens "partners" to law enforcement in fighting violent crime, believe it.

CNN Anchor Blames Baltimore Chaos On ... Veterans?

Covering the Baltimore riots this week, CNN reporter Brooke Baldwin won top honors in the “Huh?” category of truly world-class non-sequiturs when she blamed the chaos on American veterans.

Bloomberg’s Accidental Researchers

Those pillars of agenda-driven scientific research have announced the creation of something called the #NotAnAccident Index.

S.E. Cupp: On The Side Of Freedom

Political commentator S.E. Cupp provides a strong voice for gun rights, and this year at Annual Meetings she gave a vivid snapshot of the news media in America. Editor Mark Chesnut has the highlights.

When Seconds Count, Minutes Kill

New information coming from the terror attack Saturday on an art contest in Garland, Texas underscores the difference that good guys with guns make when the chips are down.

Police: Mississippi Cop Killers Are Felons Barred From Owning Guns

Two men charged in connection with the shooting murders of two police officers in Hattiesburg, Miss., Saturday night are convicted felons.

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