History Repeats Itself In Detroit

Another woman in Detroit used a firearm to deter an attempted carjacking.

The Armed Citizen® Detroit

These Detroit residents used firearms to find safety in a lawless environment.

A Show of Courage in Detroit

Detroit Police Chief James Craig brings wisdom gained from the streets of Los Angeles and Portland, Maine, to bear in Detroit.

Detroit Armed Citizen

A man alleged to be an armed intruder was recently shot by a 29-year-old woman in a home on Detroit’s east side.

Detroit Resident Turns Tables On Muggers

Just weeks after a Detroit resident was approved for concealed carry, the man protected himself during an attempted mugging.

Detroit Mugger Makes The Wrong Choice

A man on the west side of Detroit was approached by a suspect who allegedly pulled a gun and demanded his money.

Detroit Women Training For Armed Self-Defense

Women in Detroit are taking up arms, and their motivation is singular—self-defense.

Detroit Homeowner Chases Off Suspects With Gunshot

A growing number of citizens are arming themselves and defending their property and persons in Detroit.

Detroit Robbery Victim Shoots Suspect

A robbery attempt early Tuesday morning in Detroit went badly for the alleged armed robber.

Free Shooting Lesson for Women in Detroit

NRA-certified instructor Rick Ector is once again hosting a free shooting lesson for the women of Detroit.

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