Not Watts She Seems

Michael Bloomberg is bankrolling "Moms Demand Action," with Shannon Watts as his stand-in, stay-at-home-mom. But a closer look reveals her cover story to be paper-thin.


How Michael Bloomberg is twisting the gun control debate in the Evergreen State.

Louisiana Measure Targets Gun Safety

A measure that just passed the Louisiana State House by a 93-to-3 vote would provide for firearm safety training for elementary students in the state.

Cam’s Corner | More Proof Gun Control Doesn’t Work

Increased Baltimore shootings prove gun-control’s failure.

The Real War On Women

Amanda has become a compelling voice, telling the story of her horrific attack and advocating for the rights of women.

I'm An NRA Mom

Anti-gunners see moms as a marketing tool to ban firearms. This mom doesn’t support that.

Third Century | Scott O'Grady

F-16 pilot Scott O’Grady, shot down over Bosnia in 1995, knows the value of freedom.

Pro-Gun Reform Law Takes Effect In Alabama

A significant package of pro-gun reforms took effect on Tuesday in Alabama.

Along Came Sarah

15-year-old Sarah Merkle never intended to become a celebrity—today she's one of the most visible and vocal advocates of the right to keep and bear arms.

A Hero For The Next Generation

Can taking inner-city kids hunting and fishing really save lives?

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