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9 stories of individuals using firearms to defend themselves from gang members.

Retaliatory Gang Shootings Spur Chicagoland Violence

The gang member father of a 9-year-old murder victim has been charged with a triple shooting that occurred earlier this month.

How Criminals Get Guns: Straw-Purchase Gun Buyer for Crips Gang Affiliate Off to Prison

Gang member found guilty on seven counts of getting guns for other gang members

Gang Violence In Ireland On The Rise

Seems the real danger now is to those who are unarmed and unprotected.

Gang Member Does The Crime, But Not The Time

On Monday night, Dalone “Smack” Jamison shot and killed a woman and injured two more outside a New York nightclub.

Milwaukee Gang Members Threaten Police In Recruiting Videos

Just a few blocks away from a police station, one subject brandishes what resembles a MAC-10 and says, “It’s MAC-aroni time. Police gonna get shot at, too.”

Armed Citizen Takes On The Same Gang A Second Time

Homeowner Juan Flores of Palm Beach, Fla., was at home when a man approached his door with what looked like a food delivery.

AG Sessions Has Warning For Gang Members

While America’s violent street gangs were largely left alone by the Obama administration to grow and thrive, the Trump administration is taking a different tact.

Proof That Nailing Violent Gang Members Is Key To Reducing Homicides

By concentrating on criminals instead of citizens’ guns, homicides decrease in Detroit.

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