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13 stories of armed self-defense in Louisiana.

Common Sense Prevails In Louisiana

Louisiana House Bill 446 has soared through the state legislature.

Louisiana Will Consider “Permitless” Carry

This bill would make Louisiana the eighth state to recognize “permitless” carry, often termed “constitutional carry.”

Louisiana Weighs “Permitless” Concealed-Carry Amendment

Louisiana voters may decide on a constitutional amendment deregulating concealed carry.

Louisiana Governor Vetoes Constitutional Carry

Gov. John Bel Edwards struck down Louisiana’s constitutional carry bill late last week.

Louisiana Measure Targets Gun Safety

A measure that just passed the Louisiana State House by a 93-to-3 vote would provide for firearm safety training for elementary students in the state.

Hunters Saving Louisiana Flood Victims

While it’s popular in some circles to condemn hunting and hunters, victims of Louisiana’s severe flooding crisis likely won’t be doing so anytime soon.

Louisiana Customer Stops Attack On Clerk

A customer carrying a firearm in a Louisiana convenience store shot and killed a “highly agitated” customer who was berating the store clerk and then attacked the armed customer when he intervened.

Louisiana Vote Strengthens Pro-Gun Majority In U.S. Senate

In Saturday’s run-off election, Louisiana voters elected Republican John Kennedy to the U.S. Senate, strengthening the pro-gun majority in that legislative body.

Louisiana Sheriff Says Cop Murders Not A Gun Issue

As gun-banners continue to call for more restrictive gun-control laws in the wake of vicious and deadly attacks on law enforcement officers in a number of states, one Louisiana sheriff sees the situation differently.

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