Jewel Of The Midwest

NRA and Bass Pro Shops have joined together to bring firearm lovers in the central United States a magnificent, and nearby, museum experience.

First Generation Colt: Greatest Generation Story

Staff Sgt. Donald Williams' .44-cal. six-gun still bears his name and the faint inscription “Stalag 17-b” on the backstrap as a reminder of his journey of survival.

Two Barrels And A Big Bayonet

General John Jacob experimented with military service rifles and created a twin 24-inch barreled gun with series of leaf sights fitted to the barrel.

A Special Revolving Rifle From Smith & Wesson

From 1879 to 1887, Smith & Wesson manufactured fewer than a thousand of these sepcial Model 320 revolving rifles.

A Sharps For The Best Shot

The National Firearms Museum collection is well known for historic pieces, but sometimes you encounter a unique gun that steps to the front of the line.

Hamilton's Horn

One of the most intriguing artifacts directly associated with Alexander Hamilton is this powder horn.

The Wonder Of Winchesters

Among the many treasures featured at the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum is a symphony of 120 fine Winchester Model 70 rifles and carbines.

Ithaca's Finest

Stocked in the finest American walnut, engraved and inlaid in gold to perfection, this Ithaca shotgun was designed by Marine Corps Bandmaster John Philip Sousa.

Savage's Millionth 1899 Rifle

Utica, N.Y., was once home to the Savage Arms Company, whose lever-action rifles, beginning with the Model 1895, have become the stuff of legend.

16-Shot Wheel Lock

Technologically ahead of its time, this highly decorated firearm achieved a multi-shot capability that would not be reached again until the American Civil War.

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