Preemption Legislation On The Move In Pennsylvania

On Monday, the Pennsylvania state Senate passed an important piece of preemption legislation that needs the support of all Keystone State gun owners.

Pennsylvania Licensing Scheme Slams Door On Gun Owners

Is New Jersey-style gun control coming to Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania Cities Invoke The Law To Flout The Law

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to decide whether an old pro-gun law is enforceable.

Semi-Auto Rifle Hunting Bill Signed In Pennsylvania

The recent signing of a critical piece of legislation in Pennsylvania has moved semi-auto rifles out of the “prohibited” category for hunting.

Time Running Short For Pennsylvania Preemption Legislation

Pennsylvania gun owners listen up: This is a critical week for your freedom.

Pennsylvania Rifle Hunting Bill Goes To Governor

The Pennsylvania legislature earlier this week passed an important measure that would eliminate the prohibition on semi-automatic rifles for hunting, and allow for the Pennsylvania Game Commission to regulate these sporting rifles for all game species in accordance with season and bag limits.

Firearms Pre-emption Legislation On The Move In Pennsylvania

On Monday, legislation that would make critical changes to enhance Pennsylvania’s firearm pre-emption law passed the House Judiciary Committee with a 21-6 vote.

Pennsylvania Corrections Officer Sees Gun Charge Dropped

Also out of New Jersey, Sgt. Ray Hughes of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections will no longer face a felony charge for unlawful possession of a firearm.

Pennsylvania House Committee Will Take Up Pre-Emption Measure Today

Critical firearm pre-emption legislation is being considered in Pennsylvania’s House Judiciary Committee today.

Pennsylvania Pre-emption Measure Moves Forward

A Pennsylvania state Senate committee has approved legislation that would strengthen the state’s firearm pre-emption law to help ensure firearm and ammunition laws are consistent throughout the state.

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