Sunday Hunting Legislation On The Move In West Virginia

The West Virginia Senate Judiciary on Thursday passed a measure that would expand Sunday hunting opportunities in the state.

West Virginia Homeowner Injured In Gunfire Exchange With Invaders

Coal City is a peaceful, rural setting in West Virginia. However, last Thursday it was the scene of a violent home invasion and subsequent shooting.

West Virginia “Permitless” Carry Law Takes Effect

West Virginia’s new “permitless” concealed-carry law took effect yesterday, marking a new era for concealed carry in the Mountain State.

West Virginia Governor Turns Pro-Gun Bills Into Law

Late Thursday afternoon, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice signed two critical pro-gun bills into law.

Permitless Carry On The Move In West Virginia

Support is expected from Republicans and pro-gun Democrats to override the possible veto.

West Virginia May Move To Deregulate Concealed Carry

The new legislation being drafted includes some extra measures intended to reassure law enforcement, including increasing penalties for gun-related offenses and limiting the deregulation to state residents.

West Virginia Attorney General Affirms Concealed-Carry Reciprocity With Several States

“West Virginians travel the country every day, and by protecting their concealed-carry rights, we ensure their continued freedom to do both—travel and still exercise their Second Amendment rights.”

West Virginia: You’re Not From Around Here, Are You?

Bloomberg poured hundreds of thousands into W. Va. to block constitutional carry, to no avail.

West Virginia Flood Victims Form Armed Patrols To Repel Looters

Responding to reports of looting—and of lawful citizens forming armed patrols to drive off looters—the Fayette County, W.Va., Sheriff’s Office issued a stark warning to criminals seeking to capitalize on the area’s recent floods: Looters and thieves “WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!”

W.V. House Passes “Permitless” Carry Measure

Lawmakers in West Virginia have again approved a “permitless” concealed-carry measure that would deregulate the right to carry in the state.

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