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Erasing The Armed Citizen

Gun-banners are engaged in a massive media effort to portray armed self-defense as rare.

Countering Democrats’ Attack On Stand Your Ground

For those outside the regular confines of the debate over armed self-defense, Stand Your Ground laws can be confusing, and are perceived—wrongly—as provocative.

Chicago: Number Of Detectives Dwindling Despite Soaring Crime Rates

If you thought Chicago’s practice of suppressing lawful armed self-defense during a crime surge was baffling, wait until you hear this.

The Armed Citizen® Wild Animal Attacks

Armed self-defense doesn’t always involve human attackers. This week The Armed Citizen® takes a look at wild animal encounters.

NRA’s Cox Slams Hillary In CNN Op-Ed

In an op-ed posted Wednesday at, NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox called out Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for her hypocrisy concerning armed self-defense.

Why Don’t Texas Democrats Want The Poor To Be Able To Defend Themselves?

While Democrats like to portray themselves as the party looking out for the downtrodden, it was Texas Democrats who recently voted against making armed self-defense more accessible to poor citizens of the Lone Star State.

The Armed Citizen® | Phoenix

Armed self-defense in the Valley of the Sun.

Chicago Women Embracing Armed Self-Defense

The record rates of violence in Chicago have been well documented. Every Monday, it seems, the death toll numbers coming out of the Windy City are the subject of national headlines. But while political pundits continue to debate how best to stem the tide of violence, many local women are taking matters into their own hands.

Another Florida Sheriff Calls For Armed Self-Defense

We told you recently about Brevard County, Fla., Sheriff Wayne Ivey suggesting that citizens carry guns to protect themselves from attack. Now another Sunshine State Sheriff is making similar suggestions to help keep his constituents safe.

Detroit Women Training For Armed Self-Defense

Women in Detroit are taking up arms, and their motivation is singular—self-defense.

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