Black Friday Sees Fourth Highest One-Day Total for Firearms Background Checks

2020 continues to shatter records for background checks, firearms purchases.

Nevada’s Dramatic Expansion Of Background Checks Creating Confusion

On Nov. 8, Nevada voters voted to dramatically expand background checks to cover every private gun sale.

Virginia: Voluntary Background Checks Not Widely Wanted, Private Sales Not A Problem

Data from the Virginia Firearms Transaction Center show that the state’s system for voluntary background checks for private firearm transactions is not widely used—contradicting claims by the anti-gun lobby that 90 percent of people want such checks.

AP Confirms Expanded Background Checks Wouldn’t Have Stopped Mass Shootings

President Barack Obama claims his recent executive action will expand mandatory background checks to online sales, gun shows and flea markets (where the laws are, ironically, the same as they are everywhere else).

North Carolina Background Checks

A perplexing stance has the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association opposing House Bill 562.

Shocking: Criminals Lie On Background Checks!

The father of 15-year-old Jaylen Fryberg, who fatally shot four fellow students and himself at Marysville Pilchuck (Wash.) High School Oct. 24, has been arrested for lying on his background check form to purchase the gun used by his son.

Background Checks Fail to Keep Criminals Unarmed

Study shows that no law really stops a bad guy from getting his hands on a gun.

Over 21 Million Background Checks for Firearms in 2020

In short, 2020 shattered records for firearm ownership.

Did Biden Really Expand Background Checks?

Here's what President Biden's recent executive order actually does.

Mainstream Media: Background Checks For Thee, But Not For Me

For the first time, those wishing to attend the Democratic or Republican conventions will need to pass a background check.

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