If Gun Control Worked, Chicago Would Be Mayberry

Gun ownership is way up, while gun crime is declining; Right-to-Carry permits are exploding, while gun homicide continues to drop. But have facts ever inerfered with the gun-control agenda?

Geraldo Sounds Like Shannon Watts

Geraldo Rivera said actor Vince Vaughn, in voicing his support for the Second Amendment, sounded like the worst homegrown mass murderer in American history.

CNN Blows Off Cops

CNN commentator Charles Blow denied that spiking urban murder rates might be attributed to police pullbacks.

Bloomberg Fooled Mets, Just Like He Fooled Mayors

Mets pitcher Dillon Gee tweeted, “This is not why I put on that shirt this day. I in no way support Bloomberg/Morgan or gun control.”

Everytown Head: American Colleges Are "Incredibly Safe"

John Feinblatt wrote this week that "college campuses, historically, are incredibly safe places."

Burying The Lede

Not one person mentioned Carol Bowne in Tuesday's congressional hearing on "Domestic Violence and Guns."

Baltimore Cops: “Proactive Policing Has Stopped”

Two anonymous Baltimore police officers told CNN that “proactive, self-initiated policing has stopped.

Clintons Just Can’t Quit Gun Control

America, wasn’t one lying Clinton enough? Vote freedom in 2016.

Ex-Anchor’s Husband Kills Robber At Motel

Former anchor Lynne Russell and her husband, Chuck de Caro, are both concealed-carry permit holders.

Former CNN Anchor: Having A Gun “Absolutely” Saved Our Lives

The suspect opened fire, but de Caro, a concealed-carry permit holder, shot back, fatally wounding the assailant.

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