New Mexico’s Governor Blames the Law-Abiding

Gun-control proponents often invoke a fear of Old West shootouts when they talk about constitutional carry or concealed carry in general. Now we have a New Mexico governor trying to bring back the martial law we saw used in a few Hollywood westerns.

Gun Skills: Concealment, Part 1

If you’re new to concealed carry or have experienced some discomfort with your carry rig, there are ways to improve your setup so your gun never gets left at home again.

Why The Gun-Control Narrative on Armed Citizens is Plain Wrong

Armed citizens save lives. This has been shown time and again, but gun controllers try to lie about them. Here are a few ways you can refute their misinformation.

A Brazil-Sized Problem ... for Gun-Control Groups

It should come as no surprise that when armed citizens lawfully defend themselves, crime drops. Brazil is yet another example of how this holds true.

Please Don’t Put These Crime “Experts” in Charge

Today’s gun-control “experts” masquerade as an authority on firearms and are buoyed by a similarly partial mainstream media, but we can still fight back with facts and the truth.

Shooting Straight with Rep. Jim Jordan

As attacks on the Second Amendment are increasingly coming from all directions, defending our right to keep and bear arms takes an active, smart tenacity. Rep. Jim Jordan is one such defender of our freedom.

Gun Skills: Qualification Primer

Many states require some from of live-fire qualification before allowing citizens to carry, as does nearly every law-enforcement entity. Use this drill to take the fear out of test day or to assess your own skills at any time.

When A First Gun Comes Home

While the reasons for becoming a new gun owner are many, this growing segment makes one thing clear: They don’t want to go back to the helplessness they had before embracing this constitutional right.

What NRA Instructors Are Seeing

According to the hundreds of thousands of NRA-certified instructors, the majority of new gun owners who hear the truth about the NRA like what they hear and many quickly become NRA members.

Gun Review: Girsan MC 14T

This semi-automatic is one of the more-interesting guns on the market. It utterly obviates the need to rack a slide, plus it offers other advantages that should make gun owners take notice.

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