Free Shooting Lesson for Women in Detroit

NRA-certified instructor Rick Ector is once again hosting a free shooting lesson for the women of Detroit.

Freedom is in this Metal

“Wow, if that gun could only talk, I wonder what stories it would tell.”

Anti-Gun Biden Plots to Pack the U.S. Supreme Court

It seems the septuagenarian commander-in-chief may have had a change of heart after previously calling court packing a "bonehead idea."

The Armed Citizen® February 27, 2021

On the night of Dec. 13, 2020, in Nicetown, Pa., two men stopped to get gas but became the victims of an attempted carjacking. While the driver was pumping gas, the passenger of his vehicle went inside the gas station.

The Undeniable Second Amendment

An annual event in downtown Detroit showcases this universal right.

Standing Guard | It’s The Criminals, Stupid.

Nearly every big city in America is experiencing a tragic, senseless and preventable violent crime wave of historic proportions.

Shooting Straight with Pastor David George

Pastor David George didn’t think he’d ever have to use his concealed-carry gun to save lives. He certainly didn’t expect to have to stand up to an act of evil in a Walmart parking lot. It just happened that way.

The Truth About Campus Carry

Why Should Adults on College Campuses Be Left Defenseless?

Support for Gun Control Waning

A new poll is suggesting Americans’ appetite for gun control is shrinking.

This Mayor Actually Said What Gun-Control Activists Advocate For

Responsible politicians owe it to their constituents to own these manifest truths rather than indulging in deadly fantasies that ultimately render victims defenseless.

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