Remington Working on Restructuring

The gun maker has $950 million in debt

AG Nominee Sessions To Be Considered By Full Senate This Week

Following a very contentious hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, President Donald Trump’s nominee for U.S. attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., will be considered by the full Senate this week.

Hillary Calls It “Incomprehensible” That A Connecticut Judge Abides By The Law

After a Connecticut judge dismissed a lawsuit Friday that sought to blame Remington Arms for the tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook, Hillary Clinton tweeted, “It’s incomprehensible that our laws would protect gun makers over Sandy Hook families. We need to fix this.”

FBI: Gun Purchases Continue Record-Breaking Trend In August

The number of National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) checks performed last month was the highest of any August on record, according to recent FBI statistics.

New Democrat Party Platform Targets Law-Abiding Gun Owners

In a newly released draft party platform that a top adviser to Hillary Clinton said “all Democrats can and should be proud of,” the Democrat Party put law-abiding gun owners squarely in its crosshairs.

NRA Tweet On Sanders No Surprise

Of course, Sanders’ statement doesn’t make him pro-gun, but it shows that he at least has some understanding of the danger of rolling back the PLCAA.

Anti-Gun Billionaire George Soros Donated $7 Million To Clinton Campaign Last Year

With financiers like Soros supporting anti-gunner Clinton, we must start mobilizing now to ensure freedom prevails this fall.

Democratic Lawmakers Seek Gun Industry Suits—Again

This legislation would expose gun manufacturers and dealers to Clinton-era type nuisance lawsuits designed to bankrupt them.

Hillary Clinton Sticks To Her Guns, Lies On Seth Meyers Show

Hillary Clinton made a special point to trot out the tired litany of lies she routinely tells about gun owners, firearms and the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

O’Malley Doubles Down On Gun Control

Martin O’Malley seems to be trying to prove he’s anti-gun enough to be the party’s nominee.

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