Daniel Defense, Charlie Daniels Team Up To Get Out The Pro-Gun Vote

“If we elect people who want to take our Second Amendment rights away from us, we’re at their mercy.”

Gun Production Doubles Under Obama Administration

Citizens afraid of losing their Second Amendment rights have been shopping their favorite gun store and buying while they can.

Your Tax Dollars At Work: Buying More Anti-Gun Stupidity

That flushing sound? It’s your Second Amendment rights and tax dollars going you-know-where.

CNN Anchor Goes Cherry-Picking

Cherry-pick (or even fabricate) a few stats, and the stage is set for radical confiscation of Second Amendment rights.

CNN’s Zakaria Says Individual Right To Bear Arms Was “Invented”

Fareed Zakaria has cultivated a reputation as a moderate commentator, but recently made a radical attack on America’s Second Amendment rights.

#NotMeSD Launched for Women Gun Owners in California

Women who support Second Amendment rights are organizing to help others find the information they need.

Six Quotes From the Campaign Trail About Our Freedom

As it is Election Day, it’s important to listen to what has been said about your Second Amendment rights on the campaign trail.

Indiana Representative Brings Two Pro-Gun Bills To U.S. House

U.S. Rep. Todd Young, R-Ind., introduced two measures aimed at protecting Second Amendment rights.

New Petition: President Obama, Keep Your Hands Off Our Second Amendment!

As the 2016 campaign season progresses, attacks on NRA and our Second Amendment rights have been mounting.

Ohio Legislature Seeks To End Gun-Free Zones

According to Maag, current law infringes on the the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

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