pro-gun-rights demonstration in Brazil

A Brazil-Sized Problem ... for Gun-Control Groups

It should come as no surprise that when armed citizens lawfully defend themselves, crime drops. Brazil is yet another example of how this holds true.

Please Don’t Put These Crime “Experts” in Charge

Today’s gun-control “experts” masquerade as an authority on firearms and are buoyed by a similarly partial mainstream media, but we can still fight back with facts and the truth.

A 1,000% Tax!

Anti-freedom politicians want to price you out of your rights.

2022 Law Enforcement Officer Of The Year

Deputy Mark Johns of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office has been selected as the 2022 NRA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for demonstrating extraordinary valor in the line of duty while facing an armed suspect.

When A First Gun Comes Home

While the reasons for becoming a new gun owner are many, this growing segment makes one thing clear: They don’t want to go back to the helplessness they had before embracing this constitutional right.

What NRA Instructors Are Seeing

According to the hundreds of thousands of NRA-certified instructors, the majority of new gun owners who hear the truth about the NRA like what they hear and many quickly become NRA members.

President’s Column | The Sport That Makes America Safer

Reverence and respect for freedom shouldn’t be a partisan issue and we must do our part to bring new gun owners into the fold.

Hispanics and the Second Amendment

In order to keep our freedom, it’s crucial that we engage with Hispanic Americans as they come to understand the natural freedoms we are afforded in this country.

The Armed Citizen® June 23, 2023

True stories of the right to keep and bear arms.

From The Editor: America’s “Culture War” Over Guns

It is perhaps no accident that the first example uses under its definition of “culture war” is “a culture war over the right to own a gun.”

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