Birmingham Nurses Learn Armed Self-Defense

They’re used to healing and comforting others, but on Monday, they had an opportunity to learn to take care of themselves and their families.

German Leader Calls For Armed Self-Defense

Germany’s stringent gun laws didn’t keep an 18-year-old from going on a shooting rampage in Munich that left nine dead and 36 injured.

Who Will Protect You?

As courts again rule that police have no duty to protect individual Americans, anti-gun activists continue to push schemes to make armed self-defense more difficult.

The Armed Citizen® | Boston

10 tales or armed self-defense in Boston, Mass.

The Armed Citizen® | Minnesota

7 accounts of armed self-defense in Minnesota.

The Armed Citizen® | Bicyclists

6 stories of bicyclists involved in armed self-defense.

The Armed Citizen® | South Carolina

8 tales of armed self-defense in South Carolina.

The Armed Citizen® | North Dakota

7 stories of armed self-defense in North Dakota.

The Armed Citizen® | Idaho

Six stories of armed self-defense in The Gem State.

The Armed Citizen® | Ohio

Six stories of armed self-defense from Ohio.

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