Who Needs An Executive Order To Enforce Existing Laws?

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has issued an executive order targeting gun violence in the state.

Bill Would Protect M1 Garand Importation

The National Rifle Association is backing a measure that would reverse a State Department decision blocking the importation of historic M1 Garand rifles and M1 carbines from South Korea.

This Might Be the Most-Dishonest Bill of the Year

Once again, anti-Second Amendment politicians are blaming law-abiding individuals, and businesses, for the actions of criminals in an attempt to further erode our rights protected under the Second Amendment.

New Hampshire Legislators Eye Gun Control

With majorities in both houses, the Democrats have slated at least three bills on gun restrictions.

NSSF: March Gun Sales Up Over Last Year

Could all the talk about the gun industry’s “Trump Slump” be much ado about nothing? A quick look at newly released March numbers certainly dispels the idea of a precipitous drop so often proclaimed by those in the media: Figures show an increase in gun sales of 5.2 percent over the same period last year.

Why Does Virginia Gov. McAuliffe Care More About New York Than His Own State?

Hot on the heels of vetoing the right of at-risk women to have access to a gun to protect themselves from abusers, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe booted another bill designed to protect Virginia citizens back to the General Assembly, accompanied by an amendment to further restrict gun rights.

Seattle Gun Tax Slashes Revenue, But City Won’t Admit It

Seattle’s new gun and ammunition tax—$25 for every firearm and 5¢ per round of ammunition sold in the city—appears to have driven both merchants and customers out of the city, but requests for public records showing how much tax has been collected as a result of the new law have been refused by the city, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reports.

Carry Applications, Gun Sales Rise In Wake Of Washington Shooting

“Usually we have a lot more than this. This case isn’t even full.”

What Pre-Emption Law? Background Checks Advance In Missoula

Opponents claim the measure violates state pre-emption laws, and will almost certainly take the city to court.

San Francisco’s Last Gun Store May Be On Its Way Out

Proposed legislation could spell the demise of High Bridge Arms, the last surviving gun store in San Francisco.

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