FBI’s NICS Firearm Background Checks in 2019 Hit 2-Million Mark for 6 Straight Months

Despite gun-control activism, more Americans are buying firearms.

2016 Sees All-Time Record Gun Sales

It’s official: 2016 marked the biggest year for firearm background checks in history.

Bloomberg Bucks Flood Maine

Gun-control advocates in Maine are seeking a referendum on “universal” background checks.

DHS Bars Review Of Immigrants’ Twitter Feeds; Obama Pursues “Universal” Background Checks Of U.S. Citizens

On Monday, Dec. 14, a former senior Homeland Security official told ABC News of a secret department policy that barred screeners from reviewing the social media content from foreign citizens applying for U.S. visas.

Damaged Goods

“Universal” background checks are nothing more than a flawed product in new packaging.

Utah County Mayor Institutes Rule Requiring Background Checks on Private Sales at Gun Shows

Second Amendment advocates are concerned the new rule violates the intent of state pre-emption laws.

Mark Kelly’s Twisted Background Check Logic

Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Giffords, appeared on “The National Lead” on Wednesday to push for expanded background checks.

Juan Williams Stokes Fear Of Machine Guns

Juan Williams intimated that gun owners supported expanding background checks to rein in phantom gun owners.

July Continues String Of Record-Setting Gun Sales

For the 15th straight month, a new monthly record has been set for FBI firearm background checks.

Maine Gun Control Proposal Gets Enough Signatures For November Ballot Referendum

Activists pushing to expand background checks for Maine firearm purchasers gathered enough signatures to force a ballot referendum on the issue this November.

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