Big Election Losers: Pollsters

National Review writes that, according to an American expert, one group is consistently losing elections worldwide—pollsters.

Twisting The Facts In North Carolina

Everytown for Gun Safety has made a statewide ad buy to help nix HB 562.

If Gun Control Worked, Chicago Would Be Mayberry

Gun ownership is way up, while gun crime is declining; Right-to-Carry permits are exploding, while gun homicide continues to drop. But have facts ever inerfered with the gun-control agenda?

Is Bloomberg Smarter Than A Fifth-Grader?

Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun Everytown for Gun Safety continues to present its hyperbole as “research.”

A “Wake-Up Call” All Right, But To What?

The usual suspects aren’t waiting for a factual report on the biker shootout in Waco, Texas, before calling for draconian public policy changes.

Gun Control’s Branding Problem

Gun control’s brand plagued by poor products and dishonest pitchmen.

Cam’s Corner | More Proof Gun Control Doesn’t Work

Increased Baltimore shootings prove gun-control’s failure.

Maloney Unhinged

Rep. Carolyn Maloney is responsible for a recent flurry of egregious anti-gun bills.

Wisconsin Bags Hazardous Wait

Wisconsin’s 48-hour handgun waiting periods are about to become a thing of the past.

Is Hillary Clinton Just Michael Bloomberg In Disguise?

Hillary has showed her hand on gun control—and it’s Michael Bloomberg’s.

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