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Live Nude Ammo

You may soon see your ammunition do a sort of striptease. A number of manufacturers...

Team Benelli Adds 2A Skills To 3G Training

For 2015, new Benelli 3-Gun Team Captain Dianna Muller and Tom Kaleta, incoming vice president...

Tough Gun Control Still A Priority

New, tough firearms restrictions and barriers to ownership are still on the president’s agenda.

Economist Misses Its Target On Gun Control

A recent attack piece on the NRA and American gun culture in the Economist goofed...


With BATFE’s proposal to ban M855 ammo commonly used in the AR-15 now sitting idle...

Bringing The Spare

Carrying a spare magazine may be an inconvenience, but LaSorte explains why it's worth it.

A Game of Inches

Frank Winn discusses one of the best ways to get precision practice with C&M Targets.

Noir Review | HK MARK 23

Colion reviews the Heckler & Koch MARK 23.

Best Laid Plans

The FNS 9L makes its debut.

Not Watts She Seems

Michael Bloomberg is bankrolling "Moms Demand Action," with Shannon Watts as his stand-in, stay-at-home-mom. But...

What's So Smart About This Gun?

We test the Armatix iP1—a so-called “smart gun”—and find it to be lacking in nearly every respect.

Monster Mash

Few lines of duty-ready pistols indeed are as affordable, reliable, maintainable and rugged, nor offer...

Black & Tan

Testing the new accuracy international PSR.

Steel Safari

Our sharpshooter faces off against the world's best amidst harsh terrain, punishing heat, relentless wind...

Battleground Colorado: Sheriffs Resist

In Colorado and New York, where gun-ban politicians brashly pushed through unconstitutional legislation detrimental to...

Eroding Freedom In Connecticut

How Connecticut's gun owners and gun makers are getting run down.

The Armed Citizen® November 6, 2012

Guns and Ammo Gunsmith was targeted by three burglars shortly before 4 a.m. The store...
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