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A Memorial Day Tribute

Today we celebrate the legacies of those who fought to keep our country free.

Safe Space

These innovative gun safes offer speed and space-saving capacity for apartment dwellers.

How To Stop All Online Ammo Sales

A new measure introduced by a new member of Congress would limit online ammo sales.

At the C.O.R.E. With Smith & Wesson

A striker-fired pistol for those who think they hate striker-fired pistols. And that optics business...

Shocker: New York Didn’t Ban Any Guns Yesterday

In a rare show of restraint, a New York State Senate committee has narrowly defeated...

NRA Scores Another Victory For Gun Owners

Hot on the heels of defeating an ammunition ban proposal, the National Rifle Association has...

Congressman Pushes To Revive Ammo Ban

Now that ATF Director B. Todd Jones has left the agency, a Democrat congressman is...

Don’t Think The BATFE Will Stop At Green

The green-tip ammo fiasco is only the latest episode in the BATFE’s decades-long, capricious regime...

Standing Guard | Your Ammo Is Next On Obama’s List

President Barack Obama is setting the table to ban your ammunition—all of it.

Preparing for Murphy

As a general rule, Murphy’s Law means that anything that can go wrong in your...

Green Means “Go” To Ban All Ammo

The Obama administration has backed off its proposal to ban a common rifle ammunition. But...

International Hunters Hit Bureaucratic Road Block

A new rule to be enforced by President Barack Obama’s State Department would have a...

A Ruger To Be Reckoned With

When it comes to the 7.62x51, we acknowledge we’re on the edge. Not the edge...

Live Nude Ammo

You may soon see your ammunition do a sort of striptease. A number of manufacturers...

Team Benelli Adds 2A Skills To 3G Training

For 2015, new Benelli 3-Gun Team Captain Dianna Muller and Tom Kaleta, incoming vice president...

Tough Gun Control Still A Priority

New, tough firearms restrictions and barriers to ownership are still on the president’s agenda.

Economist Misses Its Target On Gun Control

A recent attack piece on the NRA and American gun culture in the Economist goofed...


With BATFE’s proposal to ban M855 ammo commonly used in the AR-15 now sitting idle...

Bringing The Spare

Carrying a spare magazine may be an inconvenience, but LaSorte explains why it's worth it.

A Game of Inches

Frank Winn discusses one of the best ways to get precision practice with C&M Targets.
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