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The Armed Citizen® Alaska

The cool air of the rugged north doesn’t always put the chill on violent crime.

Armed Citizen Stops Ax-Wielding Attacker At Convenience Store

In the sort of “good guy with a gun” incident that gun-haters like Moms Demand...

The Armed Citizen® Cabins & Lodges

“Getting away from it all” doesn’t always mean leaving criminals and other threats behind.

The Armed Citizen® Wal-Mart

While America’s largest retailer offers good prices, some visitors have crime on their minds. That’s...

On The Front Lines

Law enforcement is calling on armed citizens to help battle terrorism and violent crime.

When Armed Citizens Save Police Officers

Frank Miniter discusses two recent cases where armed citizens saved police officers from harm—or worse.

Armed Hero Loses Job, Then Gets It Back

A valet at General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Mich., came to the rescue of...

The Armed Citizen® Parks

These armed park visitors protected themselves and others against all predators.

Terrorists v. Sheepdogs

Be prepared for danger or live your life in a threat-free utopia: You decide.

Armed Citizen Saves Law Enforcement Officer

You won’t see it on the network news tonight, or likely any other night, but...

Carry Life | Light ’Em Up, Part 2

You’ve just (temporarily) blinded an aggressor—what now?

President's Column | China’s Anti-Gun Stance Doesn’t Stop Mass Killings

To see whether the absence of guns prevents mass carnage, look no further than China.

Armed Georgia Woman Fights Off Home Invader

An Albany, Ga., woman successfully used a gun to defend herself and another person against...

Armed Friends Save Elderly Man From Knife-Wielding Attacker

In Gwinnett County, Ga., two friends saved the victim of a savage attack.

Armed Church Member Saves Woman In Parking Lot

A church employee with a Right-to-Carry permit used his gun to scare off an attacker...

Maryland Wastes Millions in Fingerprinting Fail

Maryland has dropped its failed ballistic “fingerprinting” effort, but worse policies are still active.

Armed Girlfriend Saves Michigan Man From Attacker

Steve Miller was assaulted by an intoxicated neighbor over a leaf-blowing incident, he could easily...

California Police Adopt Nunchakus To Soften Image

The weapon widely associated with Bruce Lee—and Michelangelo from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”—is intended to...

A Soldier Fights Back

Fort Hood hero Sgt. Howard Ray wants to restore self-defense rights to service members.

Forget How It “Looks,” Protect Our Troops

Disdain for the safety of our soldiers is a good way to end the glorious...
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