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Gavin Newsom Draws On Billionaire Benefactors

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is engaging in a high-profile anti-gun campaign designed to boost...

McAuliffe, The 40-Percent Lie And Political Loss

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has become the latest in a long line of gun-control advocates...

Voting Site Pits Donald Trump Against Michael Bloomberg

According to creator Gary Tobin, “The great and proverbial silent majority would love to weigh...

Journalists Call Out Bloomberg For Virginia Intrusion

Everytown’s massive ad buys in Virginia are aimed at securing two state senate seats that...

Bloomberg Spends Even More Bucks On Virginia Seats

As we previously reported, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown group spent $700,000 on an ad campaign supporting...

Bloomberg Spends Big On Virginia Senate Seat

Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund plans to spend $700,000 in Virginia.

The 40 Percent Lie

Politicians keep promoting false gun stats because they think you’re too dumb to notice.

Bloomberg Being Pushed For Presidential Run?

The New York Times is reporting that Michael Bloomberg is being urged by “the plutocracy”...

Hillary Vows Executive Action To Ban Gun Sales

Why would Hillary and company push an anti-gun agenda proven to be a failure?

Bans On Scary Guns Don't Save Lives

If Moms Demand Action were “focused on saving lives,” they’d do things a lot differently.

The President’s Biggest Lie

The Obama administration is pushing for confiscation of firearms without due process.

Everytown Rally Experiences Big Hype, Little Turnout

Anyone who attended the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Nashville won’t be surprised at...

Bloomberg Bucks Flood Maine

Gun-control advocates in Maine are seeking a referendum on “universal” background checks.

Your Right To Feel Safe Doesn’t Trump My Real Rights

Darren LaSorte’s idea of feeling safe is much different than that of anti-gun activists.

Getting Gun Research Wrong

Economist John Lott sheds light on a study on gun ownership and police deaths.

Bloomberg Saves His Sinking Ship

Michael Bloomberg tries to sweeten public opinion on Oregon’s new background check law.

Rupert Murdoch Leads “Bloomberg For President” Push In Media

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who among other endeavors owns Fox News, has spoken out in...

Weird Science

Bloomberg funds bogus “science,” then publishes it in “studies” to discredit your rights.

Weaving A Web Of Deceit

Bloomberg’s anti-gun news organization The Trace shows its true colors.

Amy Schumer’s Money Misunderstanding

Amy Schumer recently told media that the reason more restrictive federal gun-control laws haven’t passed...
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