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American Sheriffs Rally Concealed-Carry Permit Holders

Sheriffs across the country support Second Amendment after San Bernardino terror attack.

The Armed Citizen® Kentucky

These armed Kentuckians utilized firearms for defense against criminals.

The Armed Citizen® Couples

These couples worked together to defend themselves from criminals.

The Armed Citizen® Georgia

These Peach State residents were armed and ready to defend their lives and property.

A Grim Anniversary: The Warsaw Ghetto

The Warsaw Ghetto is an ugly footnote to the Holocaust that deserves to be remembered.

Gunless Gun Stuff, Part I

Not all gun stuff is about guns, but all situational awareness is about personal security.

Poll Shows That D.C. Gun Control Mostly Supported By Affluent White Residents

A Washington Post survey of 1,005 D.C. residents revealed that those typically at least risk...

The Armed Citizen® Liquor Stores

These liquor store owners and employees knew exactly how to deal with criminal threats.

The Armed Citizen® Restaurants

These gun owners protected themselves as well as employees and customers at restaurants.

The Armed Citizen® Indiana

Take a look at the self-defense stories of these armed and unafraid Hoosiers.

The Rising Tide

Guess what new anti-gun proposals federal gun-banners have up their sleeves this time.

Domino’s Delivery Driver Stops Armed Robbery

This latest incident comes only six days after an unarmed Domino’s deliveryman in St. Louis...

The Armed Citizen® Bars

These customers defended themselves against criminal attentions in the vicinity of bars.

Erasing The Armed Citizen

Gun-banners are engaged in a massive media effort to portray armed self-defense as rare.

The Armed Citizen® Walkers

These armed pedestrians were able to deal with hazards they encountered on their walks.

Carry Life | “You’re Incompetent!”

When The Nation can’t find real self-defense experts, it’s happy to use fake ones.

Black Ink Is Spilling From The Atlantic

Historical sleight of hand can’t obscure the fact that gun control is rooted in racism.

The Armed Citizen® Apartment Complexes

These apartment dwellers used firearms in defense against criminals.

Lectures From On High

A presidential change of serious import can hardly come too soon.

Utah Supreme Court Upholds Self-Defense Rights

Utah’s highest court confirms our foremost right as living beings.
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