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Governor Malloy And Mayor Segarra Shift Blame For Hartford Homicides

Hartford, Conn., just recorded its 20th murder of 2015, surpassing the city’s 2014 total with...

It Will Never Be Enough

Even anti-gunners with seemingly modest aims won’t stop until all firearms are illegal.

President’s Column | If Gun Restrictions Were Applied To Technology, They Would Not Compute

Blaming all gun owners for crime is like blaming all computer owners for hacking.

Under What Circumstances Is It OK To Forcibly Disarm Law-Abiding Americans?

Our rights are liable to be under siege every time an emergency strikes.

Standing Guard | We Don’t Need More Gun Laws, Just Enforcement Of Existing Ones

Why pass more laws if we don’t enforce the ones already on the books?

Cabela’s Targeted By Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety

Bloomberg and his minions are simply trying to bully a law-abiding business that is already...

New Hampshire Governor Says No Rights For Residents

New Hampshire was recently poised to extend recognition of permitless carry of concealed firearms

Bloomberg, FEMA And Your Tax Dollars

When it came to orchestrating the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA and taxpayer money to...

The Second Reigns Supreme In Missouri

Last August, Missouri voters went to the polls and made a stand for their Second...

Bloomberg Launches New Anti-Gun, Anti-Fact News Service

Michael Bloomberg launched The Trace, his anti-gun news service, this week.

Is Hillary Clinton Just Michael Bloomberg In Disguise?

Hillary has showed her hand on gun control—and it’s Michael Bloomberg’s.

Media Unquestioningly Repeat Connecticut Gun Crime Claim

The Washington Post’s report on a “study” was tied to the Bloomberg School of Public...

The Effort To Strangle Operation Choke Point

Congress passes an important measure to defund Operation Choke Point.

Quest To Quash Core Human Drives

The drive to hunt might be a fundamental human trait hard-wired into our brains.

Bloomberg Fooled Mets, Just Like He Fooled Mayors

Mets pitcher Dillon Gee tweeted, “This is not why I put on that shirt this...

Decision From Hell: Hillary Or Bloomberg?

With support for Hillary floundering some in the anti-gun movement are looking for another candidate.

Journalists Learn Anti-Gun Bias From The Best

Michael Bloomberg and Everytown funded a two-day “workshop” in Phoenix, Ariz., over the weekend, sponsored...

Celebrities And Corporations Prepare To Wear Orange

In order to mark “National Gun Violence Awareness Day” on June 2, some people plan...

President’s Column | What If There Were No NRA?

New President Allan D. Cors discusses the importance of the NRA.

Gun Control’s Branding Problem

Gun control’s brand plagued by poor products and dishonest pitchmen.
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