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What Comes Naturally

Colion explains why he loves the never-ending journey of improving as a shooter.

California Lowers The Bar

Caliconfiscation: Golden State gun-banners use mental health as cover for taking firearms without due process...


To put it simply, the TRICON ProCarry Glock is a masterpiece, a pistolman’s pistol—a lifetime...

A Fault Line In California

The 9th Circuit's decision in favor of the right to carry was a major victory...

Wayne Was Right

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy...

Bloomberg Rules

With unlimited wealth and time on his hands, the influence of Michael Bloomberg is about...

Battleground Colorado: Sheriffs Resist

In Colorado and New York, where gun-ban politicians brashly pushed through unconstitutional legislation detrimental to...


Spoiler alert: one more pistol you're gonna have to buy.
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