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Birmingham Robbery Victim Turns Table On Suspects

Two men reportedly pulled up in a car and asked some individuals walking down the...

Tennessee Man Defends Home From Armed Trio

Police officers responded to a home in Springfield, Tenn., in response to a possible robbery...

Accused Ferguson Killer Had Prior Gun Charge

The man accused of shooting and killing a 9-year-old girl in Ferguson, Mo., has a...

The Armed Citizen® Retail Stores, Part 2

These parking lot encounters had better outcomes because of the actions of armed citizens.

Nashville Robbery And Carjacking Suspect Shot By Victim

22-year-old Clarence Goins allegedly pointed a firearm at two people and demanded that they hand...

Chicago Man Uses Firearm To Thwart Robbery

A Chicago man with a concealed-carry license foiled the plot of two men trying to...

Convenience Store Owner Scares Off Armed Suspects

A Lowell, Mass., convenience store owner protected himself and his property by shooting at a...

Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley: Make Me President And Ill Make America Just Like Maryland

Martin O’Malley wants to become president and turn the U.S. into anti-gun Maryland.

The Armed Citizen® Retail Stores, Part 1

These heroic customers used firearms to stop threats at retail establishments.

The Armed Citizen® Super Moms

These armed mothers took the necessary actions to keep their children out of harm’s way.

Armed Citizen, Las Vegas Style

A man and woman were exiting their car at their apartment when three men attempted...

Armed Citizen Halts Robbery By Masked, Knife-Wielding Home Invader

The armed home invader demanded unspecified items from the resident, but the attempted robbery ended...

The Armed Citizen® Pennsylvania

Residents of the Keystone State are quite capable at defending themselves with firearms.

Americans Can Shoot Straighter Than The Washington Post

See how anti-gun propaganda trumped up as research is attacking defensive gun use.

The Armed Citizen® Texas

These armed Texans upheld the state’s reputation for independence by defending themselves.

The Armed Citizen® Grandparents

These senior citizens took up arms to protect family members or themselves.

Bakery Robbery Ends With Suspect Shot

A man allegedly tried to steal the tip jar from Barranquitas Mini Bakery in Hartford,...

Restaurant Owner Wins Battle Against Armed Robbers

A restaurant owner in Montebello, Calif., managed to fight back and fatally wound both of...

How Britain Cooks The Books

To conceal the failure of gun-control measures, the UK routinely obfuscates crime stats.

John Farnam On The Patrol Rifle, Part I

Instructor John Farnam briefs us on the M4 or PCC as a “patrol rifle.”
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