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Vietnam Vet Steps In To Prevent Armed Robbery

It happened in Sycamore, Ga., where Don Rogers was inside a convenience store getting change...

More Bad News From “Charm City”

Baltimore is suspending a local anti-crime program after police seized guns from one of the...

Another Shabby Story Makes Big Anti-Gun News

Without cherry-picking, omissions and distortions in the data, it simply isn’t true.

Houston Convenience Store Clerk Shoots Two Armed Robbers

“Everyone has guns in the store—it’s so dangerous, this kind of job,”

How The UK Covers Up Murder Stats

A lesson on what UK crime statistics do and don’t say about the effectiveness of...

The Armed Citizen® Pawn Shops

The pawn shop workers have relied on firearms to defend their places of business.

Kansas: New Permitless Carry Law Thwarts Gun Store Robbery

“I told him, ‘Drop the gun, man, mine is loaded ...’ He dropped two guns...

Pennsylvania Town Official Chases, Shoots Alleged Bank Robber

A Hatboro, Pa., town official and concealed handgun permit holder chased down an alleged bank...

The Armed Citizen® Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma provides many examples of armed citizens defending themselves.

Gun-Toting Grandma Thwarts Thief In Garage

“You don’t go getting gas with gloves and a duffel bag.”

California Gun Laws And Criminals

It seems that only law-abiding citizens—and not criminals—are willing to play by those rules.

The Armed Citizen® Pizza Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers make easy targets, so some take their safety in their own hands.

No Charges For Armed Domino’s Driver

A pizza delivery driver in Albuquerque, N.M., will not be facing charges for exercising his...

Just Another “Good Guy With A Gun”

A Hollywood, Fla., pizza delivery driver may well have saved several lives this week

The Armed Citizen® Grocery Stores

These heroes defended property and the lives of bystanders from greedy criminals.

Suspect Dead After Botched Robbery Outside Restaurant

One of the intended victims had a gun of his own in his car, which...

Former Felon Attacks Armed Attorney

An Oklahoma City attorney was attacked outside his home by one of his clients on...

Robbery Teaches Uncomplicated Truth

When a neighbor found a burglar attempting to steal items from his boat and shed,...

Detroit Cook Fends Off Armed Robber

A man walked into Pete’s Grill and Coney Island restaurant, announced a robbery and pointed...

Early Morning Robbery Goes Awry

Police were called to the scene of an attempted robbery in Hope Mills, N.C., on...
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