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Armed Bystander Shoots Convenience Store Robber

A man who allegedly pulled a 9 mm handgun on a female convenience store clerk...

The Armed Citizen® Dynamite Dads

Sometimes fathers are forced to go to extreme lengths to protect their families.

Real Gun Beats Fake Gun

Two teens ambushed a Tampa, Fla., couple as they were walking back to their vehicle...

The Armed Citizen® California-Style

These armed Californians are keeping the spirit of the Second Amendment alive.

The Armed Citizen® Pharmacy Robberies

A survey of armed pharmacists and employees defending their establishments.

The Armed Citizen® Safe From Carjackers

These armed citizens turned the tables on would-be carjackers.

Atlanta Man Turns Tables On Carjacker

Hashim Fannin of East Point, Ga., had just pulled into a grocery store parking lot...

The Armed Citizen® Veterans On Guard

We salute these armed and ready veterans for their ongoing service to society.

Homeowner Wounds Suspect In Memphis

A Memphis, Tenn., resident was rudely awakened on Wednesday to the sight of a stranger...

If Gun Control Worked, Chicago Would Be Mayberry

Gun ownership is way up, while gun crime is declining; Right-to-Carry permits are exploding, while...

The Armed Citizen® Convenience Store Robberies

Five episodes of armed citizens defending themselves while inside convenience stores.

Armed Citizen Saves Oklahoma City Officer

When two police officers in Oklahoma City split up to chase a pair of robbery...

Smoke Shop Employee Outguns Armed Robber

A DeKalb County, Ga., smoke shop employee turned the tables on two would-be robbers Thursday...

The Armed Citizen® | Jewelry Store Robberies

Jewelry stores make tempting targets for professional thieves, but these workers weren’t taking it lying...

WWII Vet Thwarts Robbery With Cane—And Will Be Packing Heat Next Time

96-year-old Arthur Kamberis doesn’t usually take his cane when he walks outside, but it was...

Third Century | Brad Thor

A rise in violent crime, taxes and institutionalized discrimination against gun owners motivated best-selling author...

The Armed Citizen® Without Firing A Shot

Here are five cases just this year in which armed citizens silently used their guns...

Pizza Delivery Driver Foils Armed Robbery Attempt

The driver for a pizza joint in Douglas, Ga., must have looked like an easy...

The Armed Citizen® Super Seniors

Older Americans are aware that they are more prone to being targeted by those who...

The Armed Citizen® Volunteers At Heart

Tennesseans still take up arms—often in defense of themselves and others.
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