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Is Bloomberg Smarter Than A Fifth-Grader?

Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun Everytown for Gun Safety continues to present its hyperbole as “research.”

Finally, Real Common-Sense Gun Legislation

A congressman from Virginia is taking the Islamic State’s recent threat to U.S. military members...

How To Stop All Online Ammo Sales

A new measure introduced by a new member of Congress would limit online ammo sales.

Texas Dealership Offering Free Gun With Auto Purchase

Now this is the kind of promotion we can get behind—and a powerful argument for...

Hillary's Long Con

Hillary Clinton's agenda leads unswervingly to gun registration and its invariable consequence—confiscation.

What’s Wrong With Waiting Periods

A measure to repeal Wisconsin’s waiting period for handgun purchases is on the move in...

Noir Review | Glock 43

Colion Noir. Glock 43. Fate was always going to bring them together.

FIREARM Act Targets Race Question

Two Congressional Republicans have introduced a bill to address what many lawmakers see as the...

Wal-Mart Win For Gun Owners

An appeals court has ruled in favor of Wal-Mart and against Trinity Church in a...

D.C. Police Chief Lanier Sold On Idea Of Gun Stores In District

In an April 3 radio interview, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier seemed to have a...

Shocking: Criminals Lie On Background Checks!

The father of 15-year-old Jaylen Fryberg, who fatally shot four fellow students and himself at...

Welcome To Michael Bloomberg's Gangsta's Paradise (aka Vermont)

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his cronies get caught in their latest lie, this...

NRA-ILA: 40 Years Without Blinking

This year we mark the 40th anniversary of your NRA Institute for Legislative Action (ILA).

What's So Smart About This Gun?

We test the Armatix iP1—a so-called “smart gun”—and find it to be lacking in nearly every respect.

Poison Pen

Did you really think you deserved special freedoms because you live in America? Now that...

Eroding Freedom In Connecticut

How Connecticut's gun owners and gun makers are getting run down.
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