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The Great War Begins

The “war to end all wars” sadly wasn’t. WWI began 101 years ago this week.

More Celebrity Killers Means More Killers, Period

NBC News says that reporting of dreadful events does inspire copycats.

A Navy Is Born

The ragtag Continental Navy faced Britain’s unrivaled might on the high seas.

The Sinking Of The Atlantic

If one big meaningless gun law won’t do the trick, why would a bunch of...

An Army Is Born

Technically speaking, the United States had an Army before it was a nation.

Why Can’t We Simply Carry?

National reciprocity remains the ultimate goal.

N.J.: Gov. Christie Pardons Shaneen Allen

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has pardoned Shaneen Allen, the single mother who accidentally transported...

Is Shaneen Allen The Victim of State-Sponsored Persecution?

A New Jersey DA, blinded by his hatred of guns, sets out to destroy the...

The Armed Citizen® October 30, 2012

Martha Lewis was at home with her two daughters when she heard a loud noise....
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